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Welcome to Suman study, your number one source for all things higher education. We're dedicated to providing you with the very best of higher education, with a focus on new study material.
Founded in 2020 by Sanjeet Kumar, Suman study has come a long way from its beginnings in Bihar. When Sanjeet first started out, his passion for drove them to start their own business.
We hope you enjoy our higher education as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any problem then you can email us commented
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 Sanjeet Kumar


I want to tell you something about myself-: My name is Sanjeet Kumar and I am preparing for UPSC exam. I belong to Bihar. And my Bihar is famous State in the world. I am a simple man and I always Think positive and give good advice to others especially for studies and I always pay more attention to the poor. I never tolerate lies and I always think of doing something good and We are very fond of reading. Please share this my think of doing something good and We are very fond of reading.  My hobby is cricket play game with I love to drive long travel, my best favourite food itliy dosa with pizza burger, chicken fry, and my favourite colour blue with yellow and I love walking and I want to go to a new place, travelling in an aeroplane, going to each other, talking to each other, it would be a little off all kind, I always help in other people, my request you, I request you guys to help me. And share this blog page more and more among your friends. And see you dear all friends, please help me guys I request you share this page your you friends of friends.

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